Your Benefit Coverages

Consultations    Your benefits allow up to thirty minutes with a local Plan Attorney, in office or over the phone. The purpose of the initial consultation is to help you understand some of the issues related to the legal matter that has arisen. The Attorney will explain your options and may provide general advice. The consultation is also the time when costs are explained. Sometimes if your matter is a general legal question, a consultation may answer all your questions. Attorneys are not legally able to give personal opinions during a consultation, review or write documents, or instruct you how to practice law.

Discounted Hourly Rates    If you need to retain or use the attorney's assistance beyond the consultation, you will receive a 25% discount off the attorney's normal hourly rate. The Network of Attorneys is constructed of over 17,000 local practicing providers nationwide, each with over 10 years of experience, expertise and a solid local reputation.

Document Review    As part of your benefits, a local Plan Attorney can review a document. If your document totals more than six pages, you will receive 25% off the attorney's hourly rate, if an hourly rate is charged. If the document totals six pages or less, the document review, (attorney's time) is covered under your benefits.

Simple Dispute Resolution    When a dispute arises with a third party, if the Plan Attorney determines that a simple letter or a phone call to the opposing party is likely to resolve the dispute, you will receive this as part of your benefits at no charge for the attorney's time.

Wills    You may receive discounts associated with the creation of a will. There are two types of benefit coverages for Wills

Simple Will
If your needs and circumstances fit the parameters of a Simple Will by your state's definition, then the attorney's time to create the will is covered by the benefits. A will distributing personal property and homestead generally and not involving trusts, specific bequests, real estate, tax matters, guardianship, living wills, health care proxy, or partitions.

If your needs and circumstances go beyond the parameters of a simple will, as it is defined by your state of residency, then you will receive twenty five percent (25%) off the attorney's hourly rate if an hourly rate is charged and ten percent (10 %) off of a flat rate charged for a complex will. Complex Will means you have a significant net worth and may benefit from tax planning, or the estate is subject to current state or federal estate taxation; you may own a business that will continue in operation after death; you may want to put restrictions on what heirs may do with property; you may want to leave money to someone in a trust because the person cannot manage his or her own affairs (such as a mentally handicapped child), or want the property to be managed by a trustee for a period of time past the child's age of majority, to age 25 or 30, for example; you think someone may challenge the will; and/or you want to exclude any lawful dependents.

This benefit is in relation to the attorney's time. There may be other expenses related to Will preparation, such as filing fees, witness fees, notary fees, etc.

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